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Copenhagen 22.09.2015ME OUTFITS

Layer Up with Monki


På en grå dag som i dag kan vi vist ikke løbe fra at efteråret er kommet. September er en sjov måned fordi den nogle dage tillader bare ben, og andre dage kan man næsten have behov for at have en vinterjakke på. Jeg er teamet up med Monki i en ny kampagne, der hedder “Layer Up” – en ting man bliver nødt til at kunne når man bor i kolde Skandinavian. Jeg valgte 5 items og lavede 4 forskellige looks på baggrund af dem. Kig med nedenfor, hvor jeg også har svaret på en Q&A omkring mit forhold til efteråret.

Autumn is on it’s way and I’ve teamet up with Monki to show how you can layer yourself up during the cold months. I picked 5 items and did 4 different looks that you can see below. Besides that you can read an Q&A with me :)

| VEST Alice (here) | SHOES Sofie Lace Up (here) | CLUTCH Fia (here) |

What are you most excited about for autumn
I’m a huge fan of autumn. The colours of the leaves, home cocked stews, red wine and candlelight. And I LOVE autumn clothes since you can wear your entire wardrobe, at least in the beginning of autumn. You can mix your favourite winter items with your favourite summer items – like a dress with a big cosy knit.

How do you deal with unpredictable autumnal weather
I always carry a big scarf with me. It’s your best friend if it suddenly become colder and it can’t save your hair from all the autumn rain.

| TURTLENECK Elise (here) | PANTS Li (here) | SCARF Flo (here) | SHOES Sofie Lace Up (here) |

Who is your autumn/winter style muse
Patti Smith because she never changes her style no matter season or decade she’s always true to herself and her style, and I love that.

Who / What inspire you in your city (style wise)
I live on Norrebro in Copenhagen, which is the most creative area in Copenhagen full of really cool people with great style. I always find myself looking mostly at the way men dress. Copenhagen guys have incredible style, and I think the reason why I’m so drawn to it is that men have fewer styling options than women. Most of them don’t wear a party dress or some lipstick to stand out. With men it’s all in the details. The colours of the outfits – the way the tee is tucked into the jeans or how the shirt sleeve is rolled.

What has been you most interesting/weird layering combo
When I was a kid in the 90’s it was all about Harley Davidson tights with an underdress above and a huge down jacket on top – obviously with a pair of Buffalos on the feet. I felt like I owned the world :)

| TURTLENECK Elise (here) | VEST Alice (here) | PANTS Li (here) | SHOES Sofie Lace Up (here) | CLUTCH Fia (here) 

What is the most amount of layers you’ve ever worn at once
I’m pretty sensitive to cold. During winter I’ll probably be wearing at least 4 or 5 layers on my upper body every day. The record must have been a tanktop, thin turtleneck with a shirt on top, a leather jacket, a wool coat and on top of that a huge fur and a scarf – 7 layers.

What is your favourite kind of layer (pastry, cakes, pancakes, lasagne, ice cream etc)
Tiramisu – coffee, cream and sweet biscuits what’s not to love?

| COAT Dana (here) | SCARF Flo (here) | TURTLENECK Elise (here) | VEST Alice (here) | PANTS Li (here) | SHOES Sofie Lace Up (here) | CLUTCH Fia (here) 

Se mere af Layer Up kamapgnen HER, og prøv den ret så sjove interaktive Layer Up påklædningsdukke HER, og desuden har jeg en lille rabatkode til jer, der giver 10% på jeres køb – skriv blot layeruplikeapro

See more of the Layer Up campaign HERE and try the interactive Layer Up tool HERE – furthermore, I got a lille present for you – you get 10% discount if you use the discount code layeruplikeapro

Indlægget er lavet i samarbejde med Monki

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  • Reply Rena 22.09.2015 at 13:17

    Monki belongs in general to my favourite brands and I love the outfits you show here!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Reply Liz 22.09.2015 at 18:04

    all these looks are great


  • Reply Olive Yew 24.09.2015 at 18:58

    I love the third outfit! I’m a huge fan of turtlenecks since I wear it with a gold necklace to add a little personal touch!


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